360° Integrated Marketing Program

* GOLD REGGIE AWARD Winner, Kid-Targeted Promotion (Promotions Marketing Association)
* POINTROLL BEANIE AWARD, Online Ad with Highest Interaction Rate

Pfizer developed a plaque-tinting rinse so kids can brush more effectively, leveraging the Listerine brand into the oral hygiene market for kids.

  • Character Development: Transforming from merely a label element, the existing Agent Cool Blue character was fleshed out into an aspirational hero against his newly created villains,The Plaque Pack.
  • Animated DVD Movie: “Agent Cool Blue Goes To Hollywood.” ACB saves the beautiul Celebrity Starr from the evil plot of the Plaque Pack. Includes interactive game and sweepstakes.
  • Promotional Packaging and Bottle Topper.
  • Website: Kid+Parent-targeted, featuring a videogame, Agent Cool Blue HQ, Plaque Pack dossiers, and oral care tips.
  • Kids AOL: “Track the Plaque” promotional contest, banner-ad campaign
  • RESULTS: In just one week, 1.2 million units sold, far exceeding goals. Product sold out after first 3 months.